Archaeological sites in Poggio/Lentiscelle

    " Il Leone di Caprera" schooner

    Twelve towers on the coast

    Ruins of Sant’Iconio monastery

    Punta degli Infreschi

    Capuchin Monastery, built in 1602 but completed 1632

    Museo della civiltà Contadina, a museum dedicated to rural life

    San Daniele Profeta Church

    San Marco Church

    San Biagio cave

    Sant’Alfonso Church

    Santa Maria delle Grazie Church, built in 1660 on a building of XII century

    Santa Rosalia Sanctuary

    Santa Maria ad Martires Chapel

    Panoramic area "Cerzulla"

    Oil presses

    SS. Annunziata Sanctuary with a statue of XIII century

    Ruins of Castelluccio

    Valle dell’Inferno

    Ruins of Castello Marchesale built before IX-X century a.C.

    San Nicola di Bari Church is really interesting, it was built in 1400 and contains

    Neapolitan crib of 1700, a stoup made with the volcanic stone of Vesuvius, brass chandeliers

    Montelmo Castle

    Grotta sepolcrale, a sepulchral cave where the remains of Homo Camerotensis were found, it is a prehistoric man lived almost 540.000 years before Christ, in the same age of Neanderthal man


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